Black Flag Warranty Terms & Conditions

Black Flag provides a 1 year limited warranty to the original purchaser of any differential or coilover kit against any manufacturing and material defects on properly installed products.

Differentials are covered for on and off-road use. Coilovers are covered for street use only.

Black Flag or any of its affiliates, partners or authorized agents are not responsible for any charges or fees for labor, installation, alignment or any damage that may be associated with warranty claim. Black Flag or its authorized dealers will not be liable for connected systems, components or consequential damages caused by failure of any Black Flag products.

Warranty will be voided if any claimed damages are caused by misuse, incorrect installation or removal, installation on an incorrect application, on or off track collisions, or if product is modified, altered or disassembled by any entity other than Black Flag. General upkeep and maintenance, including internal and external components and finishes, on all Black Flag products is the responsibility of the original purchaser and is not considered a valid reason for warranty claim. Coilover warranty will be voided if product is installed and operated at height levels outside of Black Flag’s published operating range for each coilover system or used for off-road or motorsports.

In order to qualify for warranty, the original purchaser must follow the full claim procedure listed.

Claim Procedure

    1. Contact Black Flag with a detailed description of the issue at info@blackflagspeedparts.com or 855-417-4200. An Information sheet will be provided.

    2. Complete and return the form to info@blackflagspeedparts.com Black Flag along with a copy of your original purchase receipt.

    3. If a resolution cannot be made on initial contact, Black Flag will issue a RMA #.

    4. The affected unit(s) can then be either:

      1. Sent in for evaluation to the address below.  If it is deemed to be product failure covered under the warranty terms and conditions then the item will be repaired or replaced and returned to the owner.

      2. A replacement unit(s) can be purchased through an approved retailer and shipped to you in advance. The original units need to be shipped to Black Flag to be evaluated. If deemed to be covered under warranty, the purchase price of the replacement units will be refunded by the approved retailer.

        ATTN: Black Flag Warranty Dept.

        32655 Industrial Drive

        Madison Heights, MI 48071

    5. If a returned product is not covered under warranty, Black Flag may, at its sole discretion, offer the option to repair product. Price for repair would be quoted at the time of inspection and will include parts and labor.

It is up to the discretion of Black Flag to repair or replace a component. Black Flag does not cover incoming shipping charges and will provide standard ground shipping back to the end user via our choice of carrier within the continental USA and Canada. If product is covered under warranty and replaced with new unit, the defective unit will not be returned. If product is sent in for warranty and is not covered under warranty or cannot be repaired, return shipment will be responsibility of end user.

Units will be inspected for warranty and or repair within ten business days from time of arrival.